Welcome 2019.

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know we are 2 weeks into the new year and I’ve taken a very long, much needed, hiatus but I’m back and ready to share some new content. Since my last post a lot has happened: 4 holidays, I fractured my ankle, contemplated my career path, got a new roommate and started dating.

I’m most excited to start sharing some new (vegan/vegetarian) versions of some of my favorite recipes with you guys. My boyfriend is vegan so it’s sparked my curiosity unto how I can continue to cook and adjust for his dietary choices. I’ll admit I had been getting a little lazy since he also loves to cook & maybe we can get in the kitchen and share a dish we work on together soon.

I also have a few big social events planned this year as well as some new trending now posts I look forward to sharing with all. I’ve felt that my  style has evolved a bit from awkward-post-college-into-adulthood Southern California style to awkward-in-my-mid-twenties-adulthood Seattle/California hybrid style.

Stay tuned for the usual Sun posts at 6:00am PST and Tue/Thurs posts at 4:00pm PST for fun DIY, Self-Care, Trends and Adventures for this new year!


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