Spooky Season = Halloween Decor!

We’re halfway into October which means that most people have let their spooky creativity flow to really get into the Halloween spirit. What I’ve always enjoyed most about Halloween (ok, aside from all the free candy) is the collection and display of decor people put up that is so reflective of their personality and style. Since I’m still settling into my space here in Seattle I don’t quite the collection of holiday decor yet, but am always admiring others’ decor as I look for inspiration. Through all my inspo searching I’ve classified 3 types of Halloween Decorators – which one are you?

Minimalist Decorator


Seasonal Moderate Decorator –



In all honesty as much as I enjoy the spooky decor of this holiday I am definitely a minimalist decorator. This year I just carved a pumpkin, put up some store bought spider webs, threw a few spiders on it and decided it was enough, ha! Don’t forget while you’re doing your decorating the most important part though….a good candy selection. Happy Haunting!

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