Sober October Challenge

Most people have heard of No Shave November, but have you heard of Sober October? It’s simply that, the entire month of October you avoid consumption of alcohol and stay sober. I first learned of this challenge when it popped up on my Instagram feed towards the end of September. As soon as I saw it I thought to myself how hard could it be to go one month without drinking? Then decided to accept the challenge.

Right now I’m halfway through the month and I’ve successfully avoided accepting drinks at all the birthdays, happy hours, going away parties and nights out with my friends. Wouldn’t it be easier to just totally avoid going out until the end of the month? Well yes, but also I decided rather than shutting the world out I’d still hang out with my friends as usual. This decision definitely made it a challenge though, there were many times I would be so tempted to indulge in a drink or two, but I would remind myself that this is a short period to give up alcohol and that I’m stronger than this temptation. Fortunately my friends have been extremely supportive of my choice to take on this month long challenge. If we’re all out at a bar and someone is ordering drinks they just order me a soda or a water instead so I don’t feel left out, it’s honestly been so great to “detox” my body for a bit and to reset my body.

I just keep reminding myself that saying “no” to a night of drinking and staying up late doesn’t mean that I’m being anti-social it means that I’m saying “yes” to taking care of myself and allowing my body rest. This challenge has been a wonderful self care experience so far and I definitely challenge everyone to try it out at some point, it doesn’t have to be alcohol I have a friend who decided to give up desserts this month in lieu of alcohol. Happy Self Care Sunday!



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