Self-Care Sunday Routine

When I moved from San Diego to Seattle at the beginning of this year I had quickly fallen into an unhealthy cycle of waking up, going to work and sitting for 8-9 hours staring at a computer screen only to go home lay on my couch, eat something quickly and go to sleep. Unfortunately, even my weekends felt jam packed consisting of weekend auditing my work events, chores, household errands, occasional partying, late nights, binge watching TV shows and very little time actually spent on resting and taking care of myself.

This lifestyle routine I had started making for myself here was incredibly unhealthy not only for my physical health, but for my mental and emotional health as well. I was no longer setting aside time to really check in with needs and felt the fatigue really impacting my day to day performance. Sometime in March I had a week where I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was bringing myself down. That weekend, after a good, long and dramatic cry, I sat down and wrote down a few self care things I could do that were just for me to help me relax and unwind from the day-to-day routine. I decided to bring back (what my best friend and I call) Self-Care Sundays to my routine.

Here’s a general run down of what my self-care routine looks like:

Meditation – I usually take a few quiet moments in the early morning to stretch, take a few deep breaths and pray for everyone and everything I am thankful for. I also go to Sunday mass services. Spiritual health is an important part of my life. I understand not everybody is religious, but taking some time to just meditate, breathe and calm all your thoughts is great for your mental health.

Meal Prepping – I really enjoy cooking so meal prepping is something that helps me relax and tap into my creative side. I try to experiment with recipes, tweaking them a little to my personal preferences. Hair Mask – I am terrible at making regular haircut/trimming appointments. Even worse, I almost never condition or brush my hair. So no surprise my hair needs some loving. My best friend got me into using Sea Moisture: Moisture Recovery Treatment Masque and I am obsessed! I purchased a few packets from Target and use it once a month. I alternate it out with a DIY hair mask (1 egg + 2 tbsp coconut oil) or a deep conditioner. Definitely do some research on different hair masks to fit your hair needs.


Face Mask – After I do my usual skin care routine I’ll do a face mask on Sundays. Right now I’m alternating between a coffee mask and a dead sea stress relieving face mask that my sister gave me. I always prime both face masks with Lush’s Full of Grace ( for $16.95) it helps my sensitive skin stay extra hydrated while I do these masks.

Pore Strip – I usually do a pore strip on my nose and another one on my chin to extract blackheads. I know the image on the box has it pictured on the girl’s forehead but I have more problems with blackheads just below my bottom lip on my chin so I place one there instead.


Undereye Patches – This is something I do 2-3 times a week, but always on Sunday. My go-to ones are a cucumber de-puffing or a gold retinol infused one. I follow up with a retinol under-eye cream.


Moisturize – Before bed I’ll lather my entire body up with lotion, use my face lotion and re-apply my under eye cream and just let my skin absorb all the moisture.

Self-care Sunday is a day to “treat yo’ self” and really get back in touch with yourself. A day where you set aside time to relax before the busy work week starts again. If you don’t already, just choose 1 day, of your busy week to really touch base with your needs and see how much that improves your mental, emotional and physical health.

*disclaimer, I don’t own any of these images – I searched the products I use and meditation and meal prep images on Pinterest. For skin care definitely try out different products at lush that are best for your skin type.

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