Review: Bootay Bag

It’s a new year and the same issue: I still need to buy new undies, ha! So I decided to pull the plug and go for the Bootaybag subscription. If you’re anything like me you either never find any that you like or just don’t take the time to shop for any so I decided it’s time to try out this monthly subscription (the IG and Facebook targeting ads got me good here). They even give you sneak peeks on what designs they have arriving on their IG stories.

They advertise that you can choose from 3 options: always thong, never thong or mix and match. I like the idea of having a variety of cute undies so I opted for the mix and match. At $13/month for 2 pairs and no long term commitment to the subscription I see no reason why not to try it out. Shipping is FREE too! You can even throw in the matching bralette for a one time purchase of $13.

They stop taking orders on the 15th of every month (if you subscribe anytime after that then you can expect your first order to be the following month) and it takes approximately 5-8 days for your order to arrive.

After waiting a week for my cute new undies I was extremely excited to try them on! To my disappointment they were too big. I’ve since then adjusted my size to size medium and am positive the fit will be perfect for my February order. In Bootaybag’s defense I’ve been going through a lot of dieting and exercising so my body has changed a bit and I was ordering off of what I historically fit in undies. The construction and feel of these bottoms were amazing though. I was worried that the lace would be cheap and that the construction would be flimsy, but these are incredibly sexy and feel great.

The January “mix it up” bag included: a burgundy lace thong and a mauve colored mesh cheeky bikini. I was pleasantly surprised that the mesh bikini was truly mesh and thin, but didn’t seem flimsy to the point where it would tear. I would not make that an everyday undie though since it seems that the more you wear it the more well…you’re wear it down.

Pro tip: If you plan on ordering the bralette + thong set be sure to update your order to always thong otherwise you’ll be like me and end up with the bralette and NO matching thong.

Despite the first time customer disappointment, I look forward to my February bag and will provide an updated review once I have the right fit. I still think the idea of a monthly underwear subscription is a great and easy way to rebuild your underwear drawer with fun, flirty and cute styles without having to spend time at the store or carving out time to buy them.

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