Pumpkin Decor

Whether you choose to carve, paint or display a colorful assortment of pumpkins everyone knows they’re the ultimate fall decor. Here I’ll show you 3 ways to get into the fall/Halloween spirit by using pumpkins as fun/spooky/funny decor this season.

1. Pumpkin Carving – Back in CA my friends would all go to a pumpkin patch together and attempt to carve out fun designs into their pumpkins. Some of them would turn out really, really good! You can find a bunch of templates and designs online for free.

*my attempt to carve a Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin

2. Pumpkin Assortment – Sometimes the best type of decor is a beautiful random assortment of pumpkins and fall squash laid out together. There are so many different colors, shapes, and sizes of pumpkins the assortments are endless.

*This is my current table center, I just picked up a few mini pumpkins and arranged them with my plants to add a fall feel to my home

3. Pumpkin Painting – My nieces and nephews are still very young, so as an alternative knife-free activity we set up a bunch of different colored paints and allow them to paint whatever they want on their pumpkins. Here I’ve done my version of pumpkin painting to go with my fall aesthetic.

*some of my favorite painted pumpkin inspo I found when I searched pinterest. I’ll be trying out the marbled one this weekend when i make a succulent pumpkin!

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