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2021 Gifting Guide – My Wish List

It’s November 1st and it feels like every retailer is hitting us with early holiday deals this year (as well as serious shipping delays) so I felt it most appropriate to start sharing my 2021 Gift Guides! Kicking it off with what’s on my personal wish list this year. (styles listed left to right, top to bottom)

T3 Micro Airebrush Duo – I’ve never known how to brush and blow dry my hair simultaneously, this tool makes it so much easier! (bonus: its a fraction of the cost of it’s Dyson counterpart)
Mejuri 14k Gold Beaded Hoop Earrings – an updated gold hoop earring that I can wear everyday and with every outfit.
L’Atelier du Vin Oeno Box Vertical Lever Corkscrew – My parents have a wine opener similar to this and its so quick and easy. Why wouldn’t I want a quicker way to get my wine open?!
ASTR the Label Gaia Dress in Sage – This dress is such a beautiful silhouette and can be dressed up or down and worn to any occasion in my opinion.
Marc Jacobs Mini Director Bag – I’m not a huge bag person, but key wins for this bag for me is it’s shape, size and having a middle zip compartment for my wallet and phone.
Joyjolt Crystal Red Wine Glasses – I broke one of my wine glasses and it’s been driving me nuts so naturally a fresh set is on my list. This brand delivers quality crystal glasses in a modern shape.
Banana Republic Statement Sleeve Sweater – My aunt gifts me a new sweater from Banana Republic every year, I remember when she gifted me my first one 4 years ago it was soft, comfortable, classic shape and great color. Of course this would make it on my wish list.
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner – As a self proclaimed “neat freak” it’s no surprise that this lands a spot on my wish list this year. A few months back I told Asher I had a dream (yes, I have blissful, relaxing cleaning dreams) that I was steam cleaning my bathroom and everything was spotless.
Mason Grey LA Pajamas – These are hands down my favorite pajamas ever! This past year alone I’ve bought 4 sets of pajamas and 4 robes just for myself. If you’re a lady of luxury & comfort you will not regret this.

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