Chile Garlic Vinegar 🌢

Being Filipino naturally one of my favorite condiments is Vinegar. Specifically Chile-Garlic vinegar! My boyfriend and I had gone to our local Asian Market and I saw my favorite Datu Puti Vinegar with Chile and told him how it’s my favorite condiment especially with lumpia. I recalled how my Lola (Filipino for Grandma) would serve us Daing Silog (recipe to come) with this Chile Vinegar and fresh pressed garlic.

After sharing this memory my boyfriend suggested we make our own. Here’s how we did it:

We gathered our ingredients:

β€’ A gallon of White Vinegar

β€’ 2 handfuls of Green Thai Chile Peppers

β€’ 5 Korean Red Chile Peppers

β€’ 10-12 Garlic Cloves – sliced

β€’ 1 cup white sugar

β€’ 1/4 cup salt

β€’ large 1 gallon heat-proof container

1) Slice your garlic cloves, cut the red Korean peppers in half and cut the stems off the Thai green chile peppers

2) Place all peppers and garlic into your container

3) In a stock pot put in all vinegar, sugar and salt

4) Stir until salt and sugar are dissolved

5) Pour into your heat proof gallon container

6) Cover with cheese cloth and secure with rubber band for a few hours (this allows the mixture to breathe and prevents bugs from getting in)

7) Fish out a few garlic pieces and a few Chiles and place into a nice decanter or in our case a recycled sparkling wine bottle. Fill bottle with the vinegar mixture. Cover with a wine stopper. Now you can gift to all your friends!

*Note: Flavors are best after 3-4 days

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