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    2021 Gift Guide Editions

    Black Friday is just around the corner and if you’re still unsure what to gift the special people in your life going out to stores to score deals can be overwhelming. I’ve thrown together Gift Giving Edits to help guide…

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    2021 Gifting Guide – Something For Everyone

    Gifts for Everyone this holiday season! From Hers to His, Parents to In-Laws, Kids to Teens and something for Anyone. Here are some items that actually made it to my cart for the special people in my life this year!

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    What I Would Wear – Engagement Party Guest

    Today my oldest childhood bestie proposed to his girlfriend! *cue high pitched squealing and happy tears!* In these last couple of pandemic years, 7 of my family members/friends have gotten engaged! With so much love being celebrated in my life…

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    2021 Gifting Guide – My Wish List

    It’s November 1st and it feels like every retailer is hitting us with early holiday deals this year (as well as serious shipping delays) so I felt it most appropriate to start sharing my 2021 Gift Guides! Kicking it off…

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    Review: Bootay Bag

    It’s a new year and the same issue: I still need to buy new undies, ha! So I decided to pull the plug and go for the Bootaybag subscription. If you’re anything like me you either never find any that…

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    Fall Color Spotting

    Fall is here and if you’re looking to buff up your fall style you may be wondering what are the hot fall colors this year? Above I’ve provided the Fall 2018 Pantone color palette. If you start with finding some…

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    Spooky Season = Halloween Decor!

    We’re halfway into October which means that most people have let their spooky creativity flow to really get into the Halloween spirit. What I’ve always enjoyed most about Halloween (ok, aside from all the free candy) is the collection and…