Building a Fall Wardrobe

With Fall right around the corner I’ve realized my Southern Californian native self is not fall wardrobe ready. Here are my fall wardrobe building staples that I think every closet should have for this time of the year.

  1. Dark Denim – I am a firm believer of incorporating summer/spring pieces into your fall/winter look, but a dark denim is definitely a fall must-have. My current go-to jeans are Articles of Society (Heather-Concord at Articles of Society $64.00).
  2. Blazer – You should already have your go to classic black blazer, but for fall be sure to add an autumn hued blazer (hello color, we’re talking burgundy, bark, dark green) or even a plaid or printed blazer to add some pop. If you’re looking to try out this fall staple I suggest looking at H&M for deals.
  3. Sweater Dress – The perfect transitional dressy casual staple. I wore one of these babies paired with some fleece tights, Chelsea boots and a lightweight printed scarf to my interview with my current company last fall. I recommend getting a simple black one, a chunky knit one and one of my favorite current trends the turtle neck sweater dress.
  4. Heavier/Chunky Knit Sweater – You absolutely need a good knit sweater. Right now I’m crushing on the slightly oversize mock neck sweater and oversize v-neck sweaters.
  5. Lightweight Sweater – A light weight sweater is perfect for the cool mornings and warmer afternoons. I had to fight temptation to stock up on these Abound Lightweight Sweaters Nordstrom Rack where they come in various colors as well as at affordable prices.
  6. Booties – Since moving to Seattle I’ve really started adding to my bootie collection. If you’re just starting out I recommend a classic black ankle bootie as well as a Chelsea boot.  I’m really into Blondo boots because they’re weather proof (trust me I’ve worn them in the sun, rain, and frost) . Two of my Blondo crushes right now are Victoria Waterproof Cutout Bootie ( $139.95) and Blondo Elvina Waterproof Bootie ( $149.95)
  7. Classic Trench – It’s perfect to top off your outfit and can immediately make you look dressier (great for days you’re dressed down, but need to step out in public). I’ve been eyeballing this Double Breasted Trench by Halogen ( on sale for $99.90)

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