4-Day Water Fast

Hi Friends!

So for those who follow my Instagram @designingjillian know that I started a water fast last week. I had learned about the benefits of a water fast being: clearer skin, healing faster, re-set your taste buds, burning stored fat and more. As far as fat burning goes: women hit ketosis when water fasting for 2 days and guys hit ketosis when water fasting for 3 days (this is from what I read, I am in no way a medical provider therefore please consult a doctor for your specific needs). Here are my notes and results of my short term water fast.


Goal Weight: 140.0 lbs

Start Weight: 151.5 lbs

  • Multiple bowel movements throughout the day
  • High Energy throughout majority of the day until about 5:30 p
  • Started feeling hungry and irritable around dinner time
  • 6:50 p started having minor acid reflux
  • 8 p experiencing extreme fatigue
  • Slight insomnia until 11p after taking melatonin at 9p
  • Minimal sleep, woke up at 4a
  • Total Water Intake: 144 fl oz.


Morning Weight: 145.8 lbs

  • One bowel movement
  • “Keto Flu” symptoms: mild headache, acid reflux, brain fog, fatigue
  • Occasional short walks seemed to help the feeling of fatigue and brain fogginess feeling
  • Hangriness all evening, went to sleep early
  • Total Water Intake: 158 fl. Oz


Morning Weight: 144.0 lbs

  • No bowel movements
  • More energy, I woke up and wanted to clean and organize everything
  • After cleaning in the morning I was extremely tired and my body felt extremely warm
  • I don’t think I drank enough water throughout the entire day, which led to fluctuation of feeling fatigued and feeling balanced
  • Moderately irritable
  • No desire to talk or socialize


Morning Weight: 143.0 lbs

  • No bowel movements
  • Felt extremely hot, flu like fever feeling
  • Lethargic, I napped a few times during the day
  • Activity, I went to Costco and the grocery store and that was about it
  • Felt really down and felt like I had no energy to even really walk
  • I switched up and drank some Perrier Sparkling Grapefruit water which helped get me through the rest of the day


Morning Weight: 142.6 lbs

  • No bowel movements
  • Today I am eating soup broths, no oil, light meals
  • We bought some Pressed Juicery juices yesterday to help ease back into eating foods
  • I decided to stop today because tomorrow I start a CrossFit series and want to have enough energy to safely burn. I also hope to do this fast again and build to a longer fast (5-7 days)
  • After drinking some juice I felt my sugar levels rise and felt more energized, no longer irritable and able to move without feeling light headed

I am really hoping that during my next cycle of water fasting that my body adapts and can push a little longer. I’m on a schedule of going to CrossFit 3x/week and have planned a strict low carb meal plan for the next few months which I hope helps to really push me to my desired fitness goals.

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